Fiona Graham

Fiona Graham


Reviews Editor, 'Swedish Book Review'; over 26 years' experience in translation

Contact Details

49 Parklaan
3080 Tervuren




B.A. Hons (First Class) in Modern and Mediaeval Languages (German and French) from Oxford University
M.A. in General Linguistics from Reading University
1986-9: Translator at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1989-1995: Translator at the European Parliament
1996-2013: Translator at the European Commission
2013 to date: Web editor at the European Commission
Languages: Swedish, Dutch, German, French, Spanish

Selected Publications

My European Family: The First 54,000 YearsBojs, Karin. My European Family: The First 54,000 Years.

Bloomsbury Sigma, 2017. ISBN 9781472941497.

A panorama of the last 54,000 years in Europe, encompassing archaeological, genetic and historical evidence and linking the distant past with the author's own family.